Another year has passed and another beginning has started. For 16 years, I have been faced by different faces and phases. Phases of innocence, curiosity, teenage drama, self-acceptance, insecurities, and maturity (I am not that mature yet LOL). Faces of kindergarten kids, acne-less grade schoolers, high schoolers, and diverse crazy college students.

I am very grateful for living this life. I am grateful for my OVERLY SUPPORTIVE parents who have always provided my needs. I am grateful for the friends who always stood by my side. I am grateful for the friends I lost along the way. I am grateful for everyone who made me who I am, even the teachers I disliked LOL.

To God, I AM NOTHING WITHOUT YOU. YOU ARE MY STRENGTH. YOU ARE MY PROVIDER. YOU ARE MY FATHER. Thank you for always listening to my drama. Thank you because you never left even though I have left a thousand times. You’re always here. For all the things I am grateful for, You are the reason.

To all the different versions of myself, to the warfreak , Barbie-lover, directioner, Britney Spears fan, iCarly crazy???? Thank you for being strong and for being who you are. Thank you for surviving. Thank you for all the decisions because you have made the right ones. Without all of you, there is no Borj. Thank you for coming up with my principles. I owe you everything.

This version of myself will only get better. For my future self, I will make you proud. Cheers to life!




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