Compassion and Nothing Else

Being a compassionate person isn’t as easy as you think but it is the most rewarding self-realization that I had for the past few days.

I have realized that there is nothing more fulfilling than having compassion in yourself and to your friends. I used to be that girl who wrapped herself in judgment, discontent, hatred, and negativity. But I had to learn things the hard way. Life offered me tons of challenges that truly changed my views. Forgiveness, kindness, and strength made my life much better. Despite the drama and the bullshit, I will never give up on the people who would need my help. I will make sure that I will make you feel better somehow.

Call me at 2 am, ask me for help with your homework (depends on what subject lol), or cry about your issues with your lover. Just remember, do not be afraid to be raw with me. I’m here, listening to whatever it is that you want to shout to the mountains.

It will always be an honor to help everyone who is struggling with something.

Love and compassion make the best combination.


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